Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Development Economics to Believe In --- Private Schooling in Less Developed Economies

I'm copying Dr. Pete Boettke's post from Coordination Problem below.  I'm currently reading a good book related to this, "The Beautiful Tree", by James Tooley, on how the world's poor are educating themselves (that is to say, even in the depths of utter poverty parents are finding it more worthwhile to pay to send their kids to local private schools than send them (for free) to government schools.).  None of this is new information for me but it's nice to read a book which gives a lot of hard data and many different examples.

Prof. Pauline Dixon is one of the great spokespersons for private schooling throughout the world.  Her work has taken her into the field all over the world, and she has found her voice as a scholar/intellectual through telling these real stories of bottom up life affirming development.  Recently she gave a Ted talk on this topic.

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